MISSION IMPOPSIBLE, ARTWORK 125X125cm, anno 2012 Expand




Mission ImPOPsible, 65X65CM, 2012

Have you ever stopped getting water from Niagara Falls? From what man has no memory. The alternation of cyclical temporal elements, Day-Night, Seasons, Ere has always accompanied man's life as the slow and inexorable passage of time is often combined with the flow of a river. It cannot be stopped. And the dragonfly, an animal so thin, frail, fragile, haphazard, is the symbol of this attempt. The dragonfly tries to steal a drop, tries to fight against an element infinitely bigger than her. The dragonfly tries to fight against time and against the modifications that its natural habitat has undergone over time due to man.

And so also the water the basic element of the life of every living being becomes the symbol of life, it becomes a precious element. Water will be the element on which future wars of survival will be based. The work aims to offer food for thought on the subject of water waste, on the subject of the generalized poisoning that human beings perpetrate against themselves and future generations.


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"Idea of Real" is a journey through space-time dimensions and the sensory world. "Idea of Real" is a work that invites a profound reflection on the dynamics of our society and on life in general.

"Idea of Real" is a game with the observer that is guided in a Pop world, dreamlike and deep, fun and metaphysical, by Ludmilla Radchenko and Marco Curatolo through a new way of reading a work of art and a new culture of perception; no longer look at a statically "painting" in your position but discover it in a continuous movement. Movement that is typical of our age and that creates continuous modifications in the works presented and innumerable food for thought.

The very title "Idea of Real" presupposes a reflection and introduces two concepts: IDEA and REAL.

- The "real" is ambivalent, it can be read as the physical world that surrounds us in which we live and therefore physically has three spatial dimensions plus time (fourth dimension), or it can be read as the subjectivity of the life of each of us and how we interpret it, different for each and unique.

- "The idea", if read in a Platonic key, further introduces the concept of free will, of primordial perception in our mind of something we see, feel and live on our skin. The concept of perception and interpretation therefore becomes fundamental. How is reality read? It is an interpretation of each of us that changes according to many factors.