ADDICTED 180X130cm, 2020 Expand

ADDICTED 180X130cm, 2020




Nata nei mesi che hanno contraddistinto le fasi della diffusione del Covid 19, questa serie attraversa con ironica positività i momenti più drammatici di questa complessa fase di portata mondiale. Concepita prima ancora del diffondersi della pandemia, quasi come se fosse stata anticipata dal pensiero della Radchenko, ha la forza di trasportarci attraverso città ammalianti svuotate dall'energia della quotidianità, e viaggi carichi di speranza, che ci fanno volare in alto proprio come quella mongolfiera carica di sogni. Un amore diverso, e un bacio senza contatto, affrontano tematiche contemporanee di difficile accettazione. L'arte della Radchenko, ha il potere rigenerante della rinascita, raccontato in un quadro simbolico 'il risveglio dopo la confusione' che si confronta con il dramma della pandemia, lasciandoci sempre una speranza di nuovi inizi, proprio come i suoi piccoli fiori che sbocciano colorando il grigio del tempo.

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Born during the months that marked the phases of the spread of Covid 19, this series goes through the most dramatic moments of this complex global phase with ironic positivity. Conceived even before the spread of the pandemic, almost as if it had been anticipated by the thought of he artist, it has the strength to transport us through fascinating cities emptied of the energy of everyday life, and journeys full of hope, which make us fly high just like that balloon full of dreams. A different love, and a kiss contactless, face contemporary issues that are difficult to accept. Radchenko's art has the regenerating power of rebirth, told in a symbolic painting 'the awakening after the confusion' that confronts the tragedy of the pandemic, always leaving us with hope of new beginnings, just like that little blossoming flowers coloring the gray of time.

Once again, the theme of travel in the foreground is depicted by a huge hot air balloon flying over the cities of the world. A game, as always, between irony and symbolism, takes us back to different eras that coexist with each other. A large case, just like those used during the nineteenth century to make the 'grand tour' so loved and coveted by young artists, is placed next to a 'buddha' man, who is supported by a dollar that seems a flying carpet. A large box, with the words 'life' and fragile 'reminds us, that life, is a baggage from which we could never part away, and which is as important as it is fragile.
A dancer, placed on top of the balloon, candidly fastens her shoe. A tribute to Jeff Koons and the gracefulness of dreams, which lead us to where we can touch the sky with a finger.