AVOCADO GENERATION, artwork 100x100cm, anno 2019 Expand

AVOCADO GENERATION, artwork 100x100cm, anno 2019



AVOCADO GENERATION, artwork 100x100cm by Ludmilla Radchenko made in 2019, 'KOMPOT' series, collage technique, acrylic and resin on canvas.

With the avocado, now as a symbol of the culture of eating well, the artist encourages us to lead a healthy but tasty lifestyle; the well-being of the body translates into psychological well-being and a correct diet still allows us some pleasant whim.

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After a long journey of creative experimentation, the 40 years have stimulated the artist and fashion designer Ludmilla Radchenko to seek new ideas among the contradictions of everyday life. Today the Siberian painter feels confortable to be ironic about the social and economic chaos that puts us in front of a continuous provocation. It is up to us to decide which is the limit between logic and lightness, in order to live serene and positive.

KOMPOT - the traditional Russian drink, based on boiled fruit and dipped in sugar syrup. This is the name that the Siberian artist has chosen for her new artistic series, the inspiration of which, starts from the idea of ??representing the pleasures of life, making fun and playing on, male and female sexuality through the symbolic forms of food products; a sensory journey where the artist invites us, putting her viewer by testing and provoking him to decode the double meanings.

In 2015, on the occasion of EXPO and inspired by the theme, the artist dedicated herself to a series entirely devoted to food, which is still one of the most pop ever made; the feeding's theme, topic of our culture, explores and ironically analyzes the trend of today's consumption, also through clear references to the crisis faced by some countries in the world. Behind the evident vividness of the colors, the aim of these works is to stimulate the viewer's reflection, guiding it towards greater awareness. Each of the six works in the series has a strong personality, conferred by the Siberian artist by combining the collage technique with a majestic work of handmade resin, acrylic and polish details: the visual impact results to be material and three-dimensional, almost a tactile inspiration.

* The price of each work is calculated using a specific artistic coefficient, which is currently 4: the artistic Coefficient in art world is a benchmarck that indicates the development and value of the artistic course of each artist. It should always be applied to the sum of height and width in mm. Example 4x (1000 + 1000mm) = 8000 to the M2

For info popartstudio.ludmilla@gmail.com

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