FASHION KING 150X100cm, 2019 Expand

FASHION KING 150X100cm, 2019



FASHION KING, 150x100, artwork of 2019 representing Karl Lagerfeld, icon of the fashion world, a few months after his death. A controversial character and a modern myth, in his long and successful career he has inspired the trends of several generations, representing a futuristic promise of what fashion will be tomorrow.

Technique: acrylic collage, resin on canvas, year 2019, unique piece

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* The price of each artwork was calculated using a specific artistic coefficient, which is currently 4:

the artistic Coefficient in the art world is a parameter that indicates the development and value of the artistic path of each artist. It should always be applied to the sum of height and width in mm. Example 4x (1000 + 1000mm) = 8000 to the M2

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