HUMAN TRIO artwork, 100x180cm, 2017 Expand

HUMAN TRIO artwork, 100x180cm, 2017



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From 2009 to 2020 the artistic coefficient of Ludmilla Radchenko has grown from parameter 1 to 4, and for 2020 it will represent its official quotation (coefficient 4).

It should always be applied to the sum of height and width in mm. Example 4x (1000mm + 1000mm) = 8000 per M2

* The price of each work was calculated using a specific artistic coefficient:

the artistic Coefficient in the artworld is a parameter that indicates the development and value of the artistic path of each artist. It should always be applied to the sum of height and width in mm.

HUMAN SOCIETY, 100x180, an artwork of art by Ludmilla Radchenko made in 2019, collage technique, acrylic and resin on canvas. Represents three monkeys and is inspired by the slogan 'I don't see, I don't hear, I don't speak'. It belongs to the series 'Human Society', in which the artist has worked on a reflection on the current condition of the society and on its continuous evolution from East to West, with a focus on Italy.

'Human Society' we no longer want to see, hear and talk about what we do not like, this is what the three monkeys represent. However, society is constantly evolving and will not stop, in the hope of being able to build a better future.

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