CCCPOP, artwork 120x180cm, 2017 Expand

CCCPOP, artwork 120x180cm, 2017



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From the sporty and fast models of Ferrari and Lamborghini, to the memorable Volkswagen van, symbol of an entire generation, passing through the Italian myths Fiat 500 and Vespa ... The most iconic examples of the history of motor vehicles have inspired the series “ Drive Machine ', created by the artist during the year 2017. A project as innovative as complex, starting from an impressive graphic work that has extrapolated various elements from travel photographs, giving birth to the basis for printing on a special reflective fabric. The result is a series of original inspiration characterized by bright colors, spread manually on a fabric capable of constantly changing according to the light, which guarantees an always new and amazing effect.

* The price of each artwork was calculated using a specific artistic coefficient, which is currently 4:

the artistic Coefficient in the art world is a parameter that indicates the development and value of the artistic path of each artist. It should always be applied to the sum of height and width in mm. Example 4x (1000 + 1000mm) = 8000 to the M2

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CCCPOP, 120X180cm, artwork 'DRIVE MACHINE' series made in 2017, unique piece

Technique: digital collage printed on reflective fabric, acrylic and flexible resin. The artworks in this series are characterized by a particular liveliness, thanks to the material capable of reflecting direct light, generally used for the safety vests worn during work in progress.

Each artwork can be sold with or without an American support frame, in matt black wood at the collector's discretion.

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