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From the meeting between the eclectic and versatile Pop Designer Ludmilla Radchenko and a gritty line like Jakioo, the Capsule Art Collection is born, which is dedicated to the most demanding target: teenagers.
This project, began in 2014, marked Radchenko's debut in childreanswear.
The idea originated from a fortunate encounter during a catwalk at Pitti Florence and was followed by a wish to create something fun and young.
Monnalisa chose to work on four famous artworks by Radchenko: "Dream Traveling", "Siberian Soup", "Supersiberian" and "CCCP", which were redesigned to create collections of leggings, jerseys and scarves that were launched on the market in the summer 2015. This was the start of a successful and creative collaboration between such a colorful and young brand as Monnalisa and the Siberian Pop Artist.



The original signature of Ludmilla Radchenko, blends into an artistic collaboration with Ruco Line, creating a Pop Capsule Collection for fashion.

With her unmistakable style, Radchenko interprets a series of eight artworks giving birth to pop emblems to be worn on sneakers, maxi sweatshirts, leggings and scarves which are dyed of the colors of eight flags, one for each letter Ruco Line's logo.

“Ruco Line Intercity” a fashion and art project created by Lumilla Rachenko for Ruco Line.





The union between the consolidated experience by Ynot and the Siberian creativity of the artist, gives birth to an high-impact limited edition, with an irreverent and glamour nature. A dynamic and versatile collection consists of bags, backpacks, clutch, and wallets which represent the pop concept of “street”, becoming a trendy collection, perfect to wear in any occasion.




La capsule collection Bluarea firmata Ludmilla Radchenko
Nasce nel 2015 una collaborazione molto particolare e tutta nuova con Bluarea, rinomata azienda di Como leader nella produzione di cashmere e che forisce capi per grandi marchi come Burberry e Gucci.

Una capsule collection d'arte firmata Ludmilla Radchenko, che traspone la sua collezione di nove opere "I can fly" sui preziosi tessuti di Bluarea, dando ai campi morbidissimi una nuova luce artistica tutta da indossare. La BluArea capsule collection sarà disponibile a partire dal prossimo inverno.

È questo il primo progetto di maglieria dell'artista siberiana, che ama affrontare sempre nuove sfide nell'ambito della trasposizione artistica delle sue opere nel campo del fashion, con la sua arte da indossare, vero e proprio stile di vita con cui ha creato anche le sue personali collezioni di foulard trasformati in "FULLart".

hikaduwa collab page.jpg


The pop spirit of Ludmilla Radchenko’s artworks colour the Capsule Collection realized in collaboration with Hikkaduwa, an international brand distributed in over 20 Countries and 3 Continents. The union between the artist’s “Art to wear” idea and the lively of the brand, which originates from Sri Lanka’s beaches, creates an unique Limited Edition beachwear collection; because of their energic summer subjects, six among Ludmilla’s artworks were chosen to be printed both on beach towels and on the famous squared flip-flops, the brand’s most distinctive product.

hikaduwa collab page.jpg


The Capsule Collection “NeoPop” for Neonato, a successful brand owned by Cam il mondo del bambino S.p.A, was launched after the birth of the Siberian artist’s second child. The result of the collaboration are five different models, realized on the basis of some of the artist’s most pop artworks: a set composed by pram, stroller, handbag and car seat that can stand out because of its contamination with art. Rainbows, comics, lollypops, camouflage backgrounds and other colorful and cheerful elements enliven the “NeoPop” Capsule products, realized according to Italian philosophy and style. 

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