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'I'm Addicted' ART WORK 200x205


'I'm Addicted' - artwork 200x205cm made on canvas, collage, acrylic and resin, portrays a giant Campbell Soup ( POPART artistic current) and the inverted photograph of the artist herself. The meaning of the work speaks precisely of the dedication of the Siberian artist to her art, she herself confirms that she is 'dependent' on the possibility of creating, and finds in art her continuous personal evolution. LIVE, WORK, CREATE - are three words that describe this 'addiction'. The works from serie 'The woman been' are a reflection on the female role faced from different angles. This work is the last work left from this artistic series created in 2011, and during the exhibition he had discovered that he was expecting her first daughter Eva.

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Woman to Woman

The temporal and of dynamic progression this dialogue gives rise to cultural positions and historical reviews that

involve the personality and critical interpretations of the subjects called to express them. Ludmilla Radcheenko starts from herself to learn how to measure the surrounding world and her story of a woman, raised between the words the childhood dialogues, assimilated as dreams and transformed into real life projects. In the hypothetical construction site where Ludmilla Radchenko builds his life, the transition from one phase to another of the processing involves the acquisition of new cognitive tools and a constant effort to refine the skills necessary for the correct use of the means. The attitude to be a woman, bearer of values ??and goals to share with others, has favored the meeting with the Roman photographer Andrea Mete. Photography is once again the means to begin the story of a more personal condition than a research that has started for some years now. A way to see and be seen from other points of view, different from the flashy ones of the star system, to adapt and convey thoughts about one's role as a woman and the condition of beings in an international historical moment where it is necessary to resume models that conform to the needs of the individuals to build a better habitat.

Fortunato D'amico

* The price of each work was calculated using a certain artistic coefficient:

the artistic coefficient in the art world is a parameter that indicates the development and value of the artistic path of each artist.

From 2009 to 2020 the artistic coefficient of Ludmilla Radchenko has grown from parameter 1 to 4, and for 2020 it will represent its official quotation (coefficient 4).

It should always be applied to the sum of height and width in mm. Example 4x (1000mm + 1000mm) = 8000 per M2