CITY HOUSE MILANO, artwork 100X100cm Expand

CITY HOUSE MILANO, artwork 100X100cm



City House Project: a creative project that confirms the ongoing research of the Siberian artist Ludmilla Rachenko, who brings this new series to life in her paintings. A 'traveling' series that will guide you through the most popular metropolis in the world, giving you the privilege of possessing its artistic essence.

Inspired by the essence of the cities of the world, these artworks are infact embody different aesthetic identities, united by a single denominator, the expression of timeless beauty. The cities, dressed in bright colors, and material painting, enclose all their diversity in bottles of perfume, the POP matrix that becomes the theme of this series. Dream cities that repeat themselves together through resins that play with ever new light effects, making each artwork, hand-drawn by the artist, unique and unrepeatable.


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* The price of each artwork was calculated using a specific artistic coefficient, which is currently 4:

the artistic Coefficient in the art world is a parameter that indicates the development and value of the artistic path of each artist. It should always be applied to the sum of height and width in mm. Example 4x (1000 + 1000mm) = 8000 to the M2

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