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  • GOD SAVE MY SHOES, artwork 200x130cm

    GOD SAVE MY SHOES A continuous search for harmony between past and future often characterizes Ludmilla's works, which as in this case decontextualises Botticelli's Venus, transporting it to a current dimension. The figure is projected on the boot of Italy 'THE FUTURE OF PROMISE' 'THE LAND PROMISE', where the young Ludmilla settled 20 years ago in...

  • RED BULL, artwork 120x120cm

    Tecnica: disegno su carta, collage, acrilico e resina. Completo di cornice antica originale. SEE ALL AVAILABLE ARTWORKS, PEZZI UNICI

  • ART VANDALISM 150X200 cm, 2018

    ART VANDALISM, 150x200cm, an artwork created in 2018 for the 'PUBLICITY AWARD' at the National Theater of Milan, based on Piero della Francesca's Renaissance masterpiece. How has communication changed from the 15th century to today? Marketing and advertising are art and evolution, or is it really vandalism? Life is the result of the fusion of our past,...

  • FASHION KING 150X100cm, 2019 FASHION KING 150X100cm, 2019
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    FASHION KING 150X100cm, 2019

    FASHION KING, 150x100, artwork of 2019 representing Karl Lagerfeld, icon of the fashion world, a few months after his death. A controversial character and a modern myth, in his long and successful career he has inspired the trends of several generations, representing a futuristic promise of what fashion will be tomorrow. Technique: acrylic collage, resin...

  • CANNEL 150X100cm, 2019

    CANNEL, 150x100, artwork of 2019 representing the famous Chanel perfume's bottle in an ironic key. The artist plays with themes of absolute actuality, combining the typical elegance with the iconic image of the cannabis leaf. The title of the artwork is itself a word pun on words between 'Chanel' and 'Cannabis'. Technique: collage, acrylic, resin on...

  • HeART Generation, artwork 80x70cm

    HeArt Generation, 80x70, inspired by the now famous work by British artist Banksy sold at auction and immediately destroyed in a thousand pieces. With this painting, realized on an ancient map, the Siberian artist denounces the role of the media in excessively accelerating the process of growing children, taking away from them the magic and privilege of a...

  • ANGEL PROTECTOR, artwork 160x100cm

    Angel Prottector, 100X100 artwork created in 2017, is part of the EXTRA series and features the figure of a robotic angel, half man and half woman. The work was born with the idea of creating a 'contemporary' guardian angel, wrapped in an airtight suit composed of various consumption elements; a metallic armor protects it from every condition, the only...

  • TIGRE SIBERIANA, artwork 80X80, 2014 TIGRE SIBERIANA, artwork 80X80, 2014
    TIGRE SIBERIANA, artwork 80X80, 2014

    TIGRE SIBERIANA, 80x80 opera affascinante e dall'eleganza senza tempo, ha dato vita ad uno dei pattern di maggior successo della linea di foulard Siberian Soup FullArt. SEE ALL AVAILABLE ARTWORKS, PEZZI UNICI


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